Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quite the same

Aloha! Back again... One week later, but this time I won't post any photos, because they didn't increase much in size. That's normal... Cacti pop out of the ground, grow a little, get some spines and then take years to grow to their full size.


  1.  The beginning, sown at 1-4-2012 and one week later.
  2. 15-4-2012, 2 weeks old.
  3. 22-4-2012, 3 weeks old.
  4. 29-4-2012, quite the same.
  5. 20-5-2012, 7 weeks old.
  6. 17-6-2012, 11 weeks old.
  7. 20-5-2013, more than 1 year old.
Great... So there is not much to write about I guess! Actually, I would like to comment about my tephrocactus articulatus. As I've wrote last week, I've picked them out of the ground, left them to dry a bit, and Friday I've already given it a shot. Nothing up yet, but I have good hope! I'm planning to wait a bit before adding photos to my articles, because seeing every week more or less the same photos is kind of boring. This Blog is about progress, so I'll only post photos when I see some difference. For example, when the T. articulatus are born.

That's it for this week! Time to relax a bit... I've just helped my brother (yeah the one with the needles and the ink) out in his garden. What a hell of a job! Holy crap! I'll probably dream about hundreds of stones stuck between roots and me having to get them out... Pfff... But his place is finally starting to look like something. (and that was about time!) The only thing that has to be done is to add some nice soil to the sides of the garden and search for plants. I'm asked to check out what to put where and I'll do some research about that soon! In the end I'll also add a photo of that garden, because I think that it'll be a pretty one.

As you know, I'm kind of interested in green stuff and I really like the beauty of a nice peace of nature. All this garden work/planning/decorating-stuff is starting to inspire me and maybe I should do something more serious with that one day. I'm already having some plans, but it will take a while and I'll only talk about it when they're a little bit more concrete, because when it's 100% decided, I'll really go for it. Well... In the meantime, I'll just let this kind of stuff inspire me and become a bit wiser by absorbing more knowledge.

Time to sit back and have some beer... A couple of days in a garden has tired my 'lazy office-ass', so I think  I've earned it!

Till next time! Hopefully with some photos! Hmmm... Let me think...

Wolfgang and Korstaentje, our English budgerigars!

Just to add some more colour to this article!