Friday, April 06, 2012

A short photo-blog about the seedlings of last year

Good day to you! Just another blog... This time without all the bullshit talk. (don't worry! Next time I'll write crap again. ;-) )

April the 1st, 2012

 The photo's below are made on 11-3-2012. All the seedlings that you see here were sown at 1-4-2011, so they're almost 1 year old. Here they all have just been re-potted. (all, accept Aztekium ritteri, because they're soooo small!)


  1. The plan
  2. 2 months after sowing
  3. 1 year after sowing

Aztekium ritteri - Almost 2mm!
Browningia microsperma
Astrophytum asterias
Lophophora williamsii ( Peyote )

Lophophora williamsii - La Popa, Nuevo Leon ( Peyote )

Lophophora williamsii - Nuevo Yucatan ( Peyote )
Carnegiea gigantea ( Saguaro )
Echinopsis terscheckii ( Cardon grande )
Trichocereus bridgesii

At April the 1st this year, I've sown a loooot more! I guess I'll write a blog about that project during the upcoming week. Cya! CHEERS!