Sunday, May 20, 2012

7 weeks old

Whatup! It's 3 weeks later now, so let's check out if we can see any difference this time!


  1.  The beginning, sown at 1-4-2012 and one week later.
  2. 15-4-2012, 2 weeks old.
  3. 22-4-2012, 3 weeks old.
  4. 29-4-2012, quite the same.
  5. 20-5-2012, 7 weeks old.
  6. 17-6-2012, 11 weeks old.
  7. 20-5-2013, more than 1 year old.

But first of all, I would like to share a drawing, that I've made when I was a little kid with you. I've seen it after many years when I was visiting my parents and thought it cool enough to post over here.

Now I don't know what that big blue thing in the air is, but check out those Saguaros! Ok... I wasn't an artist over there, but even then it's cool to see that I was already interested in cacti. All the other drawings in that book are kind of Satanic and have scared out some people, but don't worry! I guess I turned up to be a nice guy after all. =}

Let's check out the seedlings!

Blossfeldia liliputana and Aztekium ritteri
Frailea asterioides 'castanea' and Epithelantha bokei

Echinopsis candicans
Pachycereus pringlei

Lophophora williamsii - v caespitosa, La Perdida

Selenicereus hondurensis

Selenicereus grandiflorus

Pilosocereus gounellei

Browningia candelaris

 As you can see they're all doing well. Nothing has died out yet and they're getting more spines. The Tephrocactus articulatus still aren't germinating yet. Next week I'll take them out and dry them... Again... It's a little frustrating, but I have patience, DAMMIT!

Ah! I would like to show you another cactus that's acting kind of weird. Let me first introduce it how it looked like when I've s.... Uhhmm... How it was when it first came in my possession:

Selenicereus pteranthus

  Yeah... It looks weird, I know. Anyway... Right now it looks like this:

Selenicereus pteranthus
And this is only the beginning... It will get huge and difficult to control. The only thing that I CAN do is break off parts and give them away to friends! You're welcome. ;-)

And yes (for if you've paid attention), this one is of the same family as S. hondurensis and S. grandiflorus, which means that I have about 45 annoying plants waiting to grow up. Hmfff... Wait! That means a lot of presents for my friends and family!

See ya soon!