Sunday, September 13, 2015

Pay-back time!

Hello, you! Today's the day that I've cleansed my karma, sort of. Maybe you don't remember, but maybe you do. Back 2011 I've "lent" a piece of a plant and today it's the day to give it back!

In another post (CHECK IT OUT), somewhere in 2012, I've mentioned that I've taken a piece of cactus from a small cacti-garden located in a zoo. In this post, I've made a promise... Let me just tell you the story short: I went to the zoo, saw a cool, sprawling Selenicereus on the floor with one spare part ready to bring home. You should've seen the amount of plant laying there! Anyway, in 2012 I've promised in this post that I would bring a cutting of this plant back to the zoo and drop it on the same spot where I took the other part.

A promise is a promise!
And so I did! Honest for once and for all. Or, am I?!

Check out this pretty little Opuntia tree from the Caribbean:
An Opuntia from the Caribbean
Just like my Selenicereus, this Opuntia's natural habitat lays on the Caribbean. I don't know the name of this species yet, but this plant fascinates me (Déjà vu alert!)...

Opuntia cutting
I can't help it, it was laying loose on the floor and I swear on the life of my cat that it was calling out my name! Uhhmm... I'll bring back another cutting in 2018. See ya next time!

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