Sunday, August 09, 2015

Flowering orchid

Brazilian Orchid
Good day! As promised in my previous post: 'flowers!', the first ones this year. Ow wait, I'm lying. Some rock plant on my balcony already has had some flowers earlier this year, but they were nothing compared to this beautiful Orchid from the south of Brazil.

Rhipsalis elliptica, another Rhipsalis species and an orchid, all from the south of Brazil.
All three were a gift from a dear friend and I would like to thank him again! The Rhipsalis elliptica has flowered every year since I've received it as a cutting. If she'll flower again this year, I'll take some photos and write another post. The smaller Rhipsalis also came in as a cutting and is growing really well, but hasn't flower yet...

Brazilian Orchid
Brazilian Orchid
And that's it. Mostly my posts are a bit longer, but this one isn't about me giving you a long lecture on plants. It's about the flowers. Have a nice day!

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