Tuesday, January 06, 2015

What I'm planning to sow in 2015...

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Every year around December and January I ask myself the same question: 'What will I sow this time?!'. Since 2010 I'm sowing each year on April the 1st and that day is coming closer and closer! If you're not an "Amateur-Cacti-Breeder" and/or collector yourself, you're probably wondering what the hell I'm talking about, but for me it has become a sort of addiction. Addicted to sowing cacti and other succulents! It sounds a little bit silly, but see it in a different way: I don't do heroin and I don't feel the urge to put things on fire. Accept for my tobacco and merchandise of The Doors, of course...

I'll keep it short! This is what I'm planning to sow:

Trichocereus pachanoi, the San Pedro cactus

I don't have any adult plants of this species yet, but here is the largest one I've got:

Trichocereus pachanoi
I've bought this plant in 2010 as a cutting and right now this San Pedro is the tallest one of my collection. It's a nice and easy plant to grow and I would like to have a couple of more. A little Google-research will teach you all about its "magical" abilities and there are a lot of cuttings and grow-kits on the market, but keep in mind that, although this plant isn't illegal, extracting mescaline from it and the possession of this drug is.

Growing cacti from the seed is fun in my opinion, but it takes more than just a few years till you have a decent size plant. Patience! That's the trick...

Sulcorebutia arenacea

This is a Globose-Flattened cactus from Bolivia that produces yellow flowers. I won't snatch any image, so here's a link to our great friend Google: Sulcorebutia arenacea

What can I say... I've tried to grow this plant before, but accidentally boiled the seedlings with a heater. It was a disaster that I'd prefer to forget...

Euphorbia obesa

A cool succulent from South Africa that I'm already wanting for a long time! I'll post some pics of my seedlings in the future, but feel free to Google.

Agave parryi

A winter-hardy Agave that should be able to grow outside here in The Netherlands! Let's see what the future will bring us. Of course I'll keep you informed.


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The End

This is it for today! I do have some news for you guys: 'Peyote News' is coming back! Next post will contain at least one part about our green/blue, friendly and spineless little friends!

Spoiler alert: a new member has joined the family!

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