Saturday, March 08, 2014

Seed planning 2014

Almost April the 1st. And as you might know, this is sowing day for me. Only this year it's a little bit different, because I'll become a dad in the same period! (within a couple of weeks!)

The plan is to sow at the same date our son is born. I think it'll be kind of cool that - if he ever gets interested in cacti - he'll have some Aztekium ritteri, sown at the day he was born. Or maybe he'll just don't give a fuck! Hah! Well... Then I'll have some A. ritteri sown at the day my first child was born. =P

I've ordered everything at ADBLPS from France again. You have to know that the photo's below are from their site. I've used their photo's because the seeds that I'll sow are coming from these plants!


Astrophytum asterias, Gonzales/TAMPS/Mexique [GK 85/96] - 100 seeds
Astrophytum asterias, a species which I've tried to grow back in 2011. Germination went alright (13 out of 20), but within the first six months ten of them died. The rest died in the following 6 months... My bad, because I've re-potted them in a substrate consisting of 100% Seramis(fired clay) and probably over watered them. My conclusion: species that like mineral substrate won't do well in 100% fired clay. It just keeps them to humid.

Astrophytum coahuilense SB 1474, Lerdo/DUR/Mexique [MG 56.3/97] - 20 seeds

I was first thinking about ordering some A. myriostigma seeds, but then I saw this fellow. First I had them both on my list, but later on I´ve decided to choose the one I like the most; Astrophytum coahuilense! Although it's looking quite similar to A. myriostigma, it's a different species for sure. A coahuilense has more grey flecks on its body, different flowers, fruit, seed and Embryo (according to what I've read here and there online!).


Escobaria missouriensis 'wissmannii' [GK 1198/90] - 100 seeds
Escobaria missouriensis, one of the most frost resistant cactus species in the world, so I've read. Some northern populations are resistant to -35 -45°C (-31 -49°F) and although they prefer good drainage and a little drought before being watered again, they should be able to survive cold and wet conditions at the same time. Don't believe me on my word here! This will be my little experiment and I'll be glad to tell you if it worked out or not. I've ordered 100 seeds of this species, so there is enough testing material for the following years. I'll even have some experiments with seedlings outside in the cold.


Aztekium ritteri [U/94] - 100 seeds
Aztekium ritteri. I've grown (and am still growing!) this plant before. In 2011 I've sown 40 seeds. 8 germinated and 4 of them have survived. These 4 seem to be extremely strong and indestructible right now.

Aztekium ritteri, 4 years old
Aztekium ritteri, 4 years old
They're not bigger than 2 mm and have just survived 5 months without water (winter rest)! Anyway, in 2012 I've sown 20 and none of them have germinated. This time I'll sow 100 of them and use the Fleischer method described on this page of Succseed. I'll also sow in two different pots with two different substrate mixtures.

Aztekium hintonii [GK 4994/13] - 20 seeds
And last but not least: Aztekium hintonii, a littl less ancient looking than A. ritteri, but still a cool looking plant! There is one other species of the Aztekium family that was discovered last year by Mario Valdez Maroquin. It's named after him; Aztekium valdezii. Sadly it's natural habitat is getting plundered right now by idiots that only care about money and don't give a fuck about the fact that they're causing this species to become extinct in no time. By the way: it's also illegal to possess plants or seeds... My advise; don't buy plants or seeds online for extreme prices. Wait till the true cacti breeders are able to sell seeds from cultivated plants for normal prices, because you'll support the extinction of a great plant if you don't have the patience to wait a few years.

Wish me good luck!

The only thing left to do now is wait... When will my son be born? Will my seeds arrive on time? Will I have the time to sow on his birthday?! Ah! What does it all matter! Right now it's being the most exiting time of my life and I'm looking forward to everything. I know it's no piece of cake, but I don't mind. Cake is too boring and I'm ready for something more, something real, something with a meaning. It all feels very natural and of course life won't always be sunny, but that only gives a contrast which makes you appreciate more what you got when things do go right. Wise words here! Keep them in mind. ;-)



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