Sunday, August 26, 2012

New stuff!

Right now it's two o'clock in the night and I was just thinking; lets write a short Blog! I have just finished a fine bowl of tobacco using one of my favourite pipes, a handmade Winsløw, enjoying a cup of coffee with a small Irish liqueur next to it, followed by a bottle of beer. All very satisfying as you can imagine, but right now I am done. For today I mean. Time to clear my head a bit... Some calm music usually helps me doing that, so right now I am not listening to brutal death metal, but to Pink Floyd. Animals!

Let me see... Ah! Yesterday I have bought my wife some flowers and... Coincidentally I've also bought myself a cactus. Seriously, why do I always get fanatic with hobbies? I have always been like this! I just can't do something 50%, always exaggerating. But who cares! Owww.. My wife... Yeah.... Sometimes I see that pretty face thinking about throwing all my cacti and pipes out of the window. She even joked about it! Aajjjjj... But I know she likes to see me happy and I think that if I won't exaggerate too much, she'll let me keep my stuff. Structure and organization are the key-words here.

Gymnocalycium tilcarense (?), Gymnocalycium stenopleurum and Oreocereus trollii

Ow! True! Some weeks ago I have also bought two other cacti. Above here, I was talking about the larger one on the left side; Gymnocalycium tilcarense. The two smaller cacti I have bought a couple of weeks ago for € 2 each. The roots of all three had to be cleaned, undoing them of peat. Peat is just terrible! Arg... It would make us cacti-growers so much more easy if they would sell plants in the 'right' substrate. I guess that would make it too expensive for them or... Maybe they are just lazy.

I've changed my soil-mixture a bit again after reading this page on

This is what I use now:
  • 40% Coir
  • 20% Seramis (Turface)
  • 20% Grit (2mm - 6mm)
  • 20% Coarse sand 

Gymnocalycium tilcarense (?), Gymnocalycium stenopleurum, Oreocereus trollii, Selenicereus pteranthus (back) and Brighamia insignis.

That was it for tonight. Time to go to bed! Good night!

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