Saturday, May 14, 2011

Echinopsis subdenudata flowering

Aloha! I'll try to keep it short this time, because... Actually there is no because, but I need to start with something!

As you probably know, I'm growing cacti at home. April 1st, I've sown a lot of different species. From the tiny Aztekium Ritteri to the great Saguaro. And of course I've also sown around sixty Peyotes (I have to think about the future! ;) ) A lot of them have popped up already and I think that right now I have more or less seventy-five seedlings. But this is not what I wanted to write about! Arg! This is the exact reason why my blogs always end up huge... I wanted to write something about a cactus that I already have for some years...

The Echinopsis subdenudata, not a very difficult cactus to grow, but I was really surprised when I saw it during the last week. Most people don't even know that cacti can have flowers, but if you treat it right, you'll have a very healthy plant that can have flowers every year.

Check out the following photos. (also see the dates and the hours to realize how fast it grows!)



13-5-2011 - 18:30

14-5-2011 - 0:30

14-5-2011 - 1:00

14-5-2011 - 12:00

I think this is something really amazing! How fast a flower - that is bigger than the cactus itself - grows in just a few days! I am really impressed with it. For someone that grows cacti, this is the coolest present you can get in return.

Ah! And have you seen how I'm turning into a great photographer? I don't want to brag, but... But... Of course you know I'm talking bullshit right now! But I'm finally understanding our "simple" camera. Do you recognize this problem? That you've bought something with a lot of functions, but never have taken the time to read the manual so that you can really use all these "amazing" functions?
Now it's time for......

My wife has bashed the seedlings I've sown in 2010 on the floor with the vacuum-cleaner (for all the feminists: I also use this thing!) and now they're all dead: THE END!
Yeah... It sucks... After all it was my own mistake, because I've putted them on a weird spot for a while... On the other hand: they were kind of weak and weren't growing that well. It's really useful to first read a lot about something first and then start with it instead of the opposite! The seedlings I have right now are twice as big in only one and a half month. Temperature, sunlight and watering from the bottom is the key.
Something completely different now. Last month I've had another pipe-smokers-meeting. This time in one of the only old tobacco-shops left here in Holland: Schimmel in Zutphen. A very nice place with a historical tobacco basement, which is already there since the seventeenth century. Very interesting to see!
I'll just add two photos, a group-photo in front of the place and one of my booty. ;-)


The booty! A corncob-pipe, three cans of tobacco and some samples. (the ashtray isn't new)
I know that many of you think that smoking pipe is something for your grandpa and not for some "young" guy like me. I don't agree with that. (of course!) I smoke pipe because it makes me calm and helps me to order my thoughts. It kind of breaks the stressful routine of life and... I like the taste! 

It doesn't combine with everyone, because a lot of patience is needed and... Nowadays most of us don't have the time for patience. Wake-up and make some time! (if you want of course)

Uhhmmm... I wanted to show some photos of my flowering cactus and I'm already talking about stuff like pipe-smoking to "Idon'tknowwhoreadmyblog". Time to "brei" an end on it for today!

I feel like drinking some beer right now and play World of Warcraft now my wife isn't using the account! Till next blog! FOR THE HORDE!

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