Friday, December 17, 2010

Part 4 - PEYOTE-NEWS (+ Peruvian torches) & 2011's seedplanning!

PEYOTE NEWS! And  some Peruvian Torches!

"Okay, let's go back in time!"

Peyote's + Peruvian Torches
(photo: 7-9-2010)

  I've posted the last photo at 17-6-2010 and last Sunday, some friends told me (probably joking!) that they've missed my Peyote-News. Okay... Well, here it is.

What can I say. They're growing well accept for one that is probably dying(check the pic). If you focus a little bit on this photo, you can see the difference between the Peruvian Torches and the Peyote's: the light round balls (aren't all balls round?!) are Peyote's and the darker green and thinner ones are the Peruvian Torches. Got it?

Two months ago, I gave one Peyote and one Peruvian Torch to my sister as a present... They died! WAH! What have I learned? Don't give seedlings away in an too early state and if you do so, tell the person you're giving them to not put them in full sun light!

One more thing. Close to where one is dying, another one was born. Can you find it? The first one to find it, will be it's proud owner in the future! (mail me @ *******

And we have a winner: Bobbosius!
(check the pic before if you don't know what I'm talking about!)

So... In the future, this one goes to Bob! First I'll let him grow a little bit more... When he's not that vulnerable anymore, this Trichocereus Peruvianus will go to his new owner!
(actually, my wife has found it first, but she doesn't want another cactus in our house! Can you believe that?!)

 Peyote's + Peruvian Torches
(photo: 17-10-2010)

Today something shitty has happened! It was a complete battlefield inside the house of my seedlings!

My first Peyote felt on top of my seedlings and they were all messed up! But okay! I could fix it more or less and the majority will survive today's attack...

Good news for Bob: your cactus has survived! He's just standing on a different place...

Now let's see what will happen to them. Wish us good luck!

By the way, I have plans for the upcoming year. I've already bought the following seeds and this time I'll be prepared for any kind of accident. ;-)

(edit 23-5-2013: short index added)


  1. The plan
  2. 2 months after sowing
  3. 1 year after sowing

Waiting to be sown (may 2011):
-Lophophora Williamsii (Peyote) x 20
-Lophophora Williamsii v La Popa, Nuevo Leon x 20
-Lophophora Williamsii v Nuevo Yucatan x 20
-Astrophytum Asterias x 20
-Aztekium Ritteri x 20
-Trichocereus Bridgesii x 10
-Trichocereus Spachianus x 10
-Trichocereus Terscheckii (Cardon Grande) x 10
-Carnegiea Gigantea (Saguaro) x 10
-Browningia Microsperma x 20

"Back to November 28..."

Before I'll post another image about the peyote's, I would like to say something about the other seeds... The Lophophora Williamsii we all know now, right? So I've bought another twenty seeds of it plus two variety's of it (twenty each), that I like.

Astrophytum Asterias is another spineless cactus with white spots. Pretty, and known as "The Star Peyote", tho it won't bring you in any state of higher consciousness. "Sand Dollar Cactus" is another name of it.

Aztekium Ritteri is VERY slow growing cactus that reaches the enormous diameter of five centimeter and even less in height, probably the slowest grower of the entire cactus-family. In other words: it will take years and years and years till I have a cactus of only five centimeter! Ow, and another thing: "This plant is considered a sacred plant for some Mexican tribes. The name of this genus refers to the similarity of the plant with Aztec sculpture designs.".

Trichocereus Bridgesii is another one of the San Pedro family (like the Peruvian Torch), Trichocereus Spachianus is known as "The Golden Cactus", but there is something about the Trichocereus Terscheckii... This little friend reaches a maturity of almost ten meter in height! And proportionally, it grows kind of fast, comparing to other cacti. What the hell do I want with a cactus of this size?! Well... I will give it as a present to people I want to annoy! Yeah! I like that idea! Of course I'll also keep some for myself (sorrry Sté!)...

There is something about the Carnegiea Gigantea... It's the biggest cactus in the world! Yeah, this is the one that appears in many western movies, the symbol of Arizona. The huge giant with branches that everyone refers to the main idea of a cactus. But don't worry, before this one reaches the enormous height of fifteen-plus meters, I'll be gone already for more than hundred years. This will be a nice surprise for my grandchildren!

And last but not least:  Browningia Microsperma is a specie that has never gained a lot of popularity... I don't know why, because I think it's one of the most prettiest cactus-species in the world. Okay... I know that my tastes and hobbies often differ a lot from the mainstream, so this is probably the reason! I'll add a photo that I've found on the internet:

And right now it's time to add another photo of my Peyote's and Peruvian Torches!

 Peyote's + Peruvian Torches
(photo: 1-12-2010)
(this photo is taken under a different light. That's why the colors are different this time)

Here we are again! October's accident had some influence on the growth of my seedlings as you can see, but they're still alive... If they'll survive this winter, I believe they'll have a good chance to grow up healthy!

Let this be a lesson for April/May next year...

End of the Peyote New's

"Monday to Tuesday-night,  November 30."

 And something else also happened during the last weeks... Rob, a man that is - like me - also active on the Pijprokersforum asked me if I would like to have something extra for my collection. What a friendly offer! Well, if you collect something: OF COURSE you would like to add something to your collection! And it's always nice to receive a package with something you haven't seen yet. I like the surprise-effect of it! So I said "yes" to this very nice offer. I was directly wondering about what kind of pipe it could be: "Will it be a Big-Ben? Or a Peterson maybe?". To be honest, I would have been happy with any kind of pipe, just because it would remind me in the future of this friendly deed.

Like always, when I know I'll receive a package, I was checking the mailbox each day and asking around if something maybe had arrived for me. And one week later - I totally forgot about the package - a "small" box was waiting in my room... "Hmmm.. This box is kind of heavy! Wait! This can't be one pipe... Or maybe he added a pipe-ashtray!". Yeah... I know... But I wasn't expecting a package full with pipes!

So I opened the package and... Well.. I'll show you what was in it that is right now taking part of my each year growing(poor Stephanie! Cacti, pipes.... What else?! Ow damn... I really am a weirdo!) pipe-collection.

Poul Winslow - Hand-cut
I know that a pipe means nothing special to non-pipe smokers, but I'll try to make some things clear to you. Now let met first tell you something about Poul Winslow-pipes. I'm not sure if my comparison will give the deserved honor that Mr. Poul Winslow deserves, but let me put it like this: if Audi (and I'm talking about the good-looking ones!) was a pipe-brand and had a little bit more creativity, it maybe could come up with similar pipes.

Poul Winslow - Bulldog (hand-cut)

Vauen - Golf (meerschaum) (given away)

Maestro de Paja - Hand-cut

Stanwell - 2000 X mas (given away)

Now that I'm already talking about pipes, I would like to add another short story. My grandfather died a few months ago. (R.I.P.) He died at the age of 91, so I guess it was his time to go. To be honest: I would be glad to leave this life around that age! Talking about getting old... His father died at the age of 86 and I just checked out my ancestors and they've all died around the age of 86+. So today I decided to do the same! (if luck keeps on being at my side)

So my father was helping to clean up my grandfather's old room and he had founded a lot of stuff, including a pipe! A very old one. I didn't know that my grandfather was a pipe-smoker somewhere in his life! Here are some photos of his old smoking-tool:

My grandfather's pipe
Now I'm done writing...