Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Part 2 - PEYOTE-NEWS (and some Peruvian torches)

(This is a small part of the original article. I've deleted a big part because of privacy reasons) 

PEYOTE NEWS! And  some Peruvian Torches! 
(first of all, I want you to know that I´ve wrote the Peyote-news before our wedding when I had a lot more time for it!)

As promised, here some update on my Lophophora williamsii and Echinopsis peruviana -seedlings. 
(In my Picasa Cacti-webalbum I´ve already posted these pics some weeks ago)

Here´s the progress that they've made during the last month:

(photo: 6-5-2010)
Yeah! I've counted around 15 of them. 14 of them are looking like Peyote's and one of them seems to be a Peruvian Torch. Of course I can't say it for sure, as it is one big mixture! I've never seen Peyote's that tiny!
(photo: 14-5-2010)
One week and 1 day later. I've started with 45 seeds (25 Peyote seeds and 20 Peruvian Torch seeds) and right now I have 30 cacti! (It's normal that not all of them will come out) The ball-shaped ones are probably Peyotes and the thinner ones Peruvian Torches. There are some other small green things, but I'm not sure if they are cacti or something else... Next week we'll check it out again!

(photo: 20-5-2010)
6 days later (to keep it on Thursday) they're growing a little bit slower now. Till now I have 29 cacti! 15 Peyotes and 13 Peruvian Torches. Then there is one left, which I think is a Peyote, but I'm not sure. It started to grow a little later, so we'll have to wait and see what it will become. 
Ow, and we're missing 1. Dunno where he is and if he'll come back...

Now this is the plan: Now that I know more or less how to grow Peyote from the seed, I´ll buy a lot more seeds next year! Only Peyote seeds, because the members of the San Pedro family grow fast as and get a hell lot bigger. The Lophophora-species on the other hand take years to become a full-grown plant. I´ve read a lot about them during the last weeks. (when I´m interested in something, I´m unstoppable!) So what I´ve learned about them is that they start to produce Mescaline after the age of 15 year!

Again: I´m not planning to eat them and I´m not a drug-user, but all this history just fascinates me. And who knows, maybe there will be a big Peyote-party at my place over 20 year! (KIDDING!)

(This is a small part of the real Blog. I've deleted a big part because of privacy reasons) 

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