Sunday, December 06, 2015

Rhipsalis elliptica cuttings

Hello you world wide web wanderers! Here's another blog post about jungle cacti. Rhipsalis pachyptera to be more specific. 

Rhipsalis elliptica

 In my previous blog post I've made a promise to show you more photos of my Rhipsalis-plants while they were flowering, but I decided not to, because when more flowers appeared, others disappeared.

This week I was looking at the plants, this species in particular, and I saw a lot of ugly, damaged parts on them. So today I've decided to make some cuttings and plant them. This way I keep the existing plants pretty and meanwhile create some clones. I hope to see some new growth in the upcoming spring.

Rhipsalis elliptica

 Aren't they ugly?! They won't be that bad with some extra leafs/particles on them. I find this an easy-to-grow plant that flowers without much afford.

Rhipsalis elliptica

And what will I do with all these extra plants that won't survive outside in my greenhouse? Exactly! I'll give them away! Some weeks ago, my sister told me that she has thrown her Selenicereus in the trashcan after being "attacked" by it... That hurts, RIGHT?! Well, here's a cactus that won't hurt you and also, like Selenicereus, will dominate your windowsill. Enough kidding: this is a really fine and pretty species that doesn't need much care and flowers easily.

Check out this photo from my previous blog post:

Rhipsalis elliptica
And here's a link to that post.

Have a nice day and see you next time!

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