Monday, July 29, 2013

Selenicereus (again) and Echinopsis subdenudata flowering (also again)

Hi! Welcome (back)! Another blog about cacti. This time about Selenicereus (I've written about them before. Check THIS LINK to see the article). Do you remember that small part of cactus that I've borrowed from some public place? Well... It has grown to what you can see here below!

Selenicereus pteranthus
The borrowed part was about 25 cm long and if you look well, you can see it laying there inside the container. Within 2 years a 1.15 m branch has grown on it. Strong growth for a cactus if you ask me! Earlier this week, to my surprise, I've spotted something on top of it...

Selenicereus, branching
Believe it or not, but when this branch had just appeared, I hoped it would turn out to be a flower (as you might know, selenicereus species have one of the most pretty flowers of them all!). 2 days later it appeared to be another branch... This thing just won't stop growing!

Talking about growing, here are the babies! I've sown them on April the first, 2011 (last year).

Selenicereus Grandiflorus in the front and S. Hondurensis in the back
 I've given about 10 of them away to friends and family and just look at what I still have. Because of their horizontally growth they use much more space than other cacti. That's why I can say that I have way too many of them. If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact me. I would love to send you some!

Selenicereus Hondurensis on the left and S. Grandiflorus on the right
These last 2 photos look a bit vague, but if you click on them to enlarge them, you'll see a bit more details.

That's all for now about Selenicereus. Next time I hope to show you some nice photos of one flowering!

Echinopsis subdenudate flowering, again...

The bad thing about this plant is that it flowers at night and you need be very lucky to spot them flowering in the morning after. Besides that it's a very cool and easy flowering cactus.


No Blog without Wonnie anymore! Nope! We're all very crazy about this latest family member. Between the regular meals we feed him raw flesh like chicken parts and he's growing like a Selenicereus! He'll be a tough guy in the future.

Nothing more to mention! LATER!

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